Many people mistakenly believe that meditation was invented by the Buddha. However, the practice of meditation had existed long before the Buddha was born. He learned the practice from his teachers – the contemporary meditators who were most probably practicing various forms of meditations from Vedic and Tantric traditions. Eventually, the Buddha himself became a teacher and created his unique approach that keeps inspiring people all over the planet to follow his teachings and learn his techniques.

It is widely known and scientifically proven that meditation, especially while combined with mindful soothing breath, is one of the most effective tools to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, indigestion, insomnia, and many other physical and mental problems. It also helps to become more mindful, more compassionate, more loving, and create meaningful relationships with others. Moreover, in many cultures this practice is used as a tool for spiritual liberation and awakening. Therefore it comes as no surprise that more and more people around the planet start exploring the art and science of meditation for personal, professional, and spiritual reasons.

The practice of meditation is highly beneficial, but is teaching meditation can be beneficial as well? Becoming a teacher usually involves a few steps: applying for a Teacher Training Course (TTC), studying, and getting certified. But what is the motivation behind this process? Here I would like to mention a few reasons why you may want to learn to teach meditation, and what may be your personal motivation.

1.You learn the true essence of meditation with a firm and reliable guidance of a senior teacher.

It is important to learn in depth and from the source. Many of us attend meditation sessions, workshops and retreats, and receive amazing teachings, but you can never compare that kind of experience with what you get while being on a TTC. During your TTC, you get a solid foundation and understanding of the various techniques with their slightest nuances. You are totally immersed in both theory and practice, and receive support, guidance and tips from your senior teacher(s), which can hardly be available to you during a regular meditation session. 

2. You learn how to tap into your inner wisdom

Your meditation teacher will give you instructions, tools, techniques, but at the same time he or she will never teach you anything you do not know already. A good meditation teacher will simply guide you home – back to your heart wisdom. Living a life full of stress, worries, trauma, self-doubts, and bills to pay, you may often get disconnected from this wisdom, and feel lost, insecure, anxiou, and desperate. Reconnecting to your heart wisdom allow you to feel more grounded, courageous, resourceful, and confident.

3. You learn how to create space and be a space holder. 

Even if you decide not to teach meditation to anyone but yourself, the ability to create and hold space is a real superpower. Holding space teaches you how to listen, how to respect, how to become less wanting and more giving. It teaches you presence, unconditional support, and deepest compassion.  Creating and holding space allows you to finally slow down and breathe, and there, right between your inhale and exhale, you can find everything your heart longs for and deserves – happiness, joy, courage, and inner peace.

4. You guide others towards healing.

Teaching meditation and spiritual wisdom almost always facilitate some kind of healing. With meditation, you can guide others to self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. You give also give your students tools that help to calm down, slow down, relax, and be more present, mindful, and kind. By helping other people to heal themselves, you actually help the whole Universe: those who are hurt or in pain tend to project their fears, pain and insecurities on others, and these projections often come as neglect, abuse, aggression, judgement, and violence. Therefore, the healing with meditation is not only personal – it is Universal.

5. It is one of the most beautiful and meaningful professions known to mankind.

Imagine spending your life travelling to some of the most amazing spiritual places on the planet to teach on meditation workshops and retreats. Imagine helping people to overcome problems and conflicts with your wise and gentle guidance and unconditional love. Imagine being surrounded by your colleagues – kind, deep, and awakened people who share your values and support your dreams. Imagine grounding yourself in serenity, loving-kindness, and joy. By becoming a meditation teacher, this can be your reality and a portal to awakening and freedom.

There are many ways to become a meditation teacher. You can go on a meditation teacher training, study online, or become a student of a senior teacher. Yet, the most important thing is your motivation – you need to know why you want to be a teacher. 

You also need to become your own best student and learn how to teach yourself before you decide to teach others. You need to practice what you preach and radiate light if you want others to trust you. Moreover, you need to be curious, committed and patient, and love what you do. If you feel motivated and ready to learn, embark on this magical journey and believe me – you will never regret it.