The idea to create Metta Pilgrims came out of a dream — a dream to spread loving-kindness, forgiveness, and compassion around the planet.

We realized that the best way to do so was to bring spiritual seekers to sacred places and help them open their hearts to love and light.

After our workshops, pilgrimages, and retreats, our participants keep spreading love and light wherever they go.

Metta is the Pali word for benevolence, friendly attitude and loving-kindness. 

In Buddhist tradition, Metta is a practice that allows us to cultivate (or re-awaken) our natural capacity for unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. With Metta, we learn how to love and be compassionate to our own selves, and how to love and be compassionate to other living beings.

about us

  • We provide spiritual seekers and curious travels with unique opportunities for self-discovery, learning, and healing.

  • We facilitate Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Trainings, immersive retreats, and transformative workshops in some of the most magical places on the planet Earth: India, Bali, Peru, and Tanzania.

  • We offer spiritual studies with inspiring teachers, and provide a full immersion into the practices of loving-kindness and compassion through meditation, therapeutic movement, mindfulness, and Yoga. 

  • We try to include volunteering, acts of kindness, and Karma Yoga (selfless service) to all our programs, as we firmly believe that these practices are the most transformative and healing practices known to mankind. They always bring us back home – to an open, loving, and compassionate heart. 

  • Our pilgrimages, trainings and retreats are always highly respectful towards the environment, the local people and their culture as one of the main goals of Metta Pilgrims is to inspire people to create loving, compassionate and meaningful connections –with their own selves, other human beings, animals, plants, mountains, rivers and the entire Universe…

May all beings be happy

May they be safe from danger

May their hearts rejoice

May all beings be loved, awaken and free!

Much Metta
Ondra & Lola


Lola Malaika

Lola is a researcher, educator, self-love mentor, Metta Meditation teacher, international Yoga teacher, and Movement/Play therapist. 

Lola was initially trained as a dancer and choreographer and lived an exhausting but exciting life. Her late twenties, together with the Saturn Turn, brought some injuries, nerve inflammation, an authoimmune condition, a terrible break up, and a deep psychological trauma. Her intuitive search for meaning, wisdom, and healing brought Lola to Indian Himalayas, where she discovered Buddhist Psychology and Metta Bhavana. Metta was a turning point both in her physical and emotional recovery, as the practice awakened Lola’s heart to the healing power of self-love, compassion, generosity, faith, and forgiveness.

Today, Lola’s work synthesizes ancient and contemporary approaches to holistic healing and well-being. Her workshops and retreats are an invitation for an intimate exploration of the self, and an opportunity to cultivate compassion, courage, somatic and emotional awareness, self-love, and loving-kindness.

Lola has been invited to work on various projects in India, Japan, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, and Bali. She is also the author of two books (Atma-Prema Yoga: 13 Essential Practices For Awakening Self-Love, Practice Happiness: A Handbook For Busy People) and a contributing writer for The Chopra Center.

Today, Lola happily resides in Canggu (Bali, Indonesia) with her beloved Ondra and their two lovely cats, Kali and Santosha.

Ondra Loučím

Ondra is a real Renaissance man. Trained in the art of graphic design and photography, he later decided to study Meditation, Energy healing, Chi massage, Qigong and CST (Craniosacral therapy) — all with an intention to help people and guide them on their way to healing. 

His story is a story that can resonate with many of us. After school, he followed a traditional path of getting a good job, buying a house, and saving some time for occasional travels. Yet, his heart was longing for more. He felt suffocated desperately trying to be happy and succesful among people he had nothing in common with. Together with depression, emotional isolation, and chronic frustration, he also started to experience recurrent panic attacks. Eventually, his panic attacks was the last staw which made him realize that it was time to make a change.

Having little support from people around, Ondra decided to embark on a spiritual journey — a journey of mindfulness, meditation, and self-discovery. His courage and faith brought him to where he is now — a happy and healthy person, living a life aligned with his unbounded spirit and heart values.

Ondra lives in Bali, where apart from meditation, Qigong and CST, he also practices his three big passions — Yoga, surfing, and skateboarding.


Happy pilgrims’ TESTIMONIALS

When I first met Lola I instantly admired, liked and respected her for her talent, radiance and determination. To have watched her journey for the last few years has been an inspiration and delight. She is constantly growing and encouraging others to believe in themselves and their potential. Her insights are sincere, profound and fun. She glows with hope, compassion and the pure cosmic vibration.

Carli Jefferson


Working with Metta Pilgrims was one of the most refreshing, rejuvenating and profound learning experience.



The experience was pleasent, intense, and interesting. For me, it feels life changing.



You can feel Lola’s dedication and her knowledge on the connection of the body and the mind is so profound that it makes her the perfect teacher.



I enjoy their spirit so much. Metta Pilgrims spread positivity and joy whenever they go ❤




If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Much Metta & Namaste